• Space-saving compact design
  • Internal storage tank for approx. 5L purified water
  • Filters for 6 months included
  • Unit: 38x38x25cm
  • Leak detector with shut-off function for the protection from any leakages
  • Pressure reducing valve (PRV) for protection from over-pressure

Stage 1

5 micron polypropylene (PP) filter that holds particles such as sediment, dust, rust, etc.

Stage 2

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter that reduces unwanted odors, e.g. chlorine, and the cloudy color of the water.

Stage 3

GAC filter with an integrated 5 micron PP filter that prevents the passage of carbon fines and further reduces smell, odor and sediment.

Stage 4

Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane that purifies the water from all pathogens such as viruses and bacteria as well as all other contaminants such as hormones, pharmaceutical residues and heavy metals such as lead, copper etc.

Stage 5

GAC post-filter that gives the RO water a “final polish” and pleasant taste by adjusting the pH factor through contact.


All AquaWave™ reverse osmosis water purifiers are equipped with NSF (National Sanitary Foundation, USA) certified Purefer™ series filters, cartridges, and housings. All components contain only materials that are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. In the user manual you will find a detailed filter change plan which we recommend you follow. However, depending on the quality of the incoming water you might decide to divert from this plan. If so, we recommend filter changes at least every 6 months.


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