• Complete System Includes:
    • Waterology 2000 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
    • Euro Deluxe Chrome drinking water filter tap (or system can be connected to a 3 Way Kitchen Tap)
    • Water storage tank – 4-6 Litre capacity, fills up automatically.
    • All pipes, fittings, & full instructions
    • Dimensions of Tank: H 30 x Diameter 25 CM (can be upright or laid flat)
    • Pump (75GPD)

Long Filter Life Pre-Filters & post carbon last up to 12 months, RO Membrane lasts until depleted (under typical usage RO membrane would last years) – save time and money with long life filters!

High Quality Filtration Removes high levels of impurities from the incoming water, this includes fluoride, nitrates, chlorine,

heavy metals, and much more

1st stage 5-micron polypropylene filter (life span approx. 1 year) Removes all particles above 5 micron from the water supply which includes metals and general water sediment.

2nd stage Solid carbon water filter (lifespan 1 year). Removes herbicides, pesticides, trihalomethanes, chlorine, organic chemicals, lead and aluminium.

3rd stage 1 micron polypropylene water filter (approx 1 year) Removes all particles above 1 micron from the water supply which also includes any remaining water sediment.

4th stage membrane with a 0.001m rating (lifespan approx. 36 months)This membrane will remove micro plastics and creates the finest filtration as the treated water is forced through the membrane (minimum pressure 1 bar required to achieve this) and any impure water is discarded.  This is generally around 75 – 80%, allowing through just pure filtered water to enter the pressurised holding tank.

5th stage in-line activated carbon water filter (lifespan approx 1 year )This is the final stage of filtration. Once the tap is opened, the water goes through this final carbon water filter that effectively polishes the water prior to your consumption thereby creating the purest water that you are ever likely to taste.


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